Safety Precautions of Tower Crane Operation

Date:2016.12.28      Click:4342

As the ratio of tower crane's height and its support's distance is large, as well as long jib length, ensuring tower crane's safe operation is very important.


Attention should be paid to the following safety issues when operating tower crane:


(1) Concentration, mutual cooperation, and specially assigned person command. Lifting operations should have professional command. Power supply and hydraulic systems, etc. should be operated by specially assigned person.


(2) Workers at high place shall strictly comply with the high place safe operating procedure.


(3) Inspect the steel wire ropes, retaining rings, connecting bolts, pins, etc., and replace the damaged or fatigue cracked parts in time. Regularly check the lubricating condition of ring gear, rotation parts, wire rope, etc.


(4) Making sure that the cable insulation is good, the position switch action is sensitive and reliable.


(5) When several cranes are working on the same site, the height difference between the adjacent tower cranes should not be less than the height of the instructions required.


(6) Check the positioning pin, adjust the guide wheel clearance. Do not rotate the tower head during mast section raising procedure. Mast section raising operation at night is prohibited.


(7) After the mast section raising, check whether the power is cut off. Left and right joystick shall be returned to the middle position. Anchorage frame guide wheel and tower body shall be disengagement. Bolts on each section shall be tightened firmly.


(8) There should be good grounding facilities for the tower crane. Only related workers is permitted to stay at the installation area. When wind force level above 3, tower crane operation is not allowed.


(9) Anchorage device should be checked regularly to prevent slipping & loosing to cause accident.


(10) Cabin shall be equipped with firefighting provision.